strawberry dessert

Summer Peas and Berries

This is the dessert course I served as part of a tasting menu we did for a fellow chef. It was a summer pea cremeux, with a strawberry sorbet. I also added dollops of creme fraiche for a bit of tang and garnished with compressed strawberry slices and pea-shoot frawns.

Baba al Rum

My interpretation of Babà Al Rum

I was playing around the other day with some dessert ideas and put together my interpretation of Baba al rum. I made the baba bread, soaked it in a rum syrup, and broke it.  Underneath is lightly sweetened ricotta mousse (the syrup is very sweet), and fig puree.  I served it with fresh fig, vanilla …

floating island dessert


Summer is finally here and I’m starting to play around with some ideas. Here is one I came up with this week inspired by floating island dessert. Its a plum focused dessert with a rosewater poached meringue, white sponge,  and parmesan cream. The parmesan cream is encapsulated inside the ball of white chocolate and the …

Pomegranate Chocolate Basil  Lime dessert


I whipped up this dessert tonight on the fly when I found out, a half hour into service, that one of pastry cooks was coming in to dine with her Beau. Basil and lime chocolate pate, pomegranate gelato, seeds and coulis, flourless chocolate cake with lime syrup. One of our back servers helped me take …

pumpkin cake, smoked chocolate dessert

Pumpkin+Smoked Chocolate+Cranberries+Goat Cheese

This was my personal addition to our the fall/winter menu. Spiced pumpkin cake, port braised cranberries on a ganache of smoked Lindt  milk chocolate, served with a mild goat cheese gelato. Sorry its not the best picture I took it on my iphone and the kitchen has florescent lighting.


Tiramisù di piedi

Tiramisù di piedi, basically meaning stacked tiramisu. This is Atul’s interpretation of a tiramisù . This is also the dish that convinced all the chefs when he was interviewing that he was the man for the job. Coffee macaroon, mascarpone cream and coffee gelee make-up the tower and it is served with a cafe latte …

lemon tart 007

Lemon Tart for origin

Chef asked me on Wednesday to come up with a simple lemon tart with an almond crust for origin (our sister restaurant). I ran it by him today. Lemon Curd, Almond Sablee, Ontario Currents, Vanilla Creme Fraiche, Thai Basil … He approved