For Mikey!

Whenever Mikey comes around  its kind of a big deal.  He has eaten in our kitchen table numerous times so we try to come up with different menu items for  him to keep things interesting. On this particular visit he had requested an old favorite dessert of his that we no longer serve.  Happy to …

Strawberry dessert

Strawberry + Elderflower + Cilantro

This is Jimmy… This week Jimmy introduced me to Elderflower, I had never tasted it before. The second it hit my pallet the ideas and inspiration started  flowing.  Strawberries are coming into season in Ontario!!! So we have a cilantro meringue that I dehydrated on acetate to give it a beautiful gloss;  strawberry sorbet, elderflower …

Mango Dessert

Mango + Black Sesame + Coconut + Basil

This is the latest dessert I put on the menu. It is the dessert course on the tasting menu as well as an a la carte item. The servers make the mango sorbet table-side with liquid nitrogen. The dish consists of mango sorbet, black sesame microwave cake, coconut powder, thai basil, and chia seeds. Close …

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Didn’t Make the Cut

Rhubarb+Bubblegum+Marshmallow+Menthol Here is a rhubarb dish I was working on the didn’t make it onto the menu. So we have compressed peeled rhubarb, bubblegum powder, menthol gel, rhubarb gel, vanilla gel and marshmallow espuma that I expelled into liquid nitrogen

Mango Dessert 024


These two dishes have been on the menu since I started they are Jenny’s (our company pastry chef). They’re both pretty popular with customers and I enjoy playing around with plating them. Chocolate + Hazelnut + Huckleberry + Malted Milk Lemon + Lime Leaf + Grapefruit + Vanilla

Apple Dessert

Apple + Raz el Hanout + Black Garlic + Spice Cake

This was the apple dessert that we were running over the winter. This is the first a la carte dessert item I put on the menu (or any menu for that matter) This dish consists of confit apple, raz el hanout ice cream,and spice cake. The spice cake (or Christmas cake) I dehydrated in granola …