strawberry dessert

Summer Peas and Berries

This is the dessert course I served as part of a tasting menu we did for a fellow chef. It was a summer pea cremeux, with a strawberry sorbet. I also added dollops of creme fraiche for a bit of tang and garnished with compressed strawberry slices and pea-shoot frawns.

peach sorbet, pre-dessert

Peachy pre-dessert

We had a chef friend of ours coming in for the evening to dine tonight so we put together a nice 10 course original tasting for him. This is what I served him for a pre-dessert. Its a roasted peach sorbet,  sitting on a small buttermilk biscuit and I finished it with some bee pollen. …

Strombolli Inside


The chef’s famous Strombolli bread., Layers of fresh white bread, cured salami, fresh mozz, basil and garlic. It was a full time job ensuring that front of house didn’t eat it all before service.  (please excuse the picture quality, iphone and kitchen lighting isn’t always pretty)

Baba al Rum

My interpretation of Babà Al Rum

I was playing around the other day with some dessert ideas and put together my interpretation of Baba al rum. I made the baba bread, soaked it in a rum syrup, and broke it.  Underneath is lightly sweetened ricotta mousse (the syrup is very sweet), and fig puree.  I served it with fresh fig, vanilla …