Tiffany Wedding Cake

Wedding Cake Topper

A week after we got back from our honeymoon a very talented friend of mine offered to photograph the remaining top three (faux) layers of my wedding cake. The result was stunning. I’m blessed to have incredible friends. Of course I made my own wedding cake, the original cake was 6 tiers, I chose to …

vintage cake

Vintage Birthday Cake

Did this cake for vintage birthday party which I also had the pleasure of attending, flowers are handmade. It was a simple chocolate fudge cake inside. Enjoy!    Dig in! Such a fun night! ( I also made the mini cupcakes)

unique engagment photo

Cake Fight!!

My soon to be hubby and myself wanted some original engagement photos… we aren’t really the type of people to sit in a park and stare into each others eyes so we did this instead…. Oh! I made the cake! (its done in our “wedding colours”)   Enjoy!   Photography by Will Fournier   …

Pistachio and alba truffle birthday cake

Cake on the fly…

General Manager came to me at 6, just as we were starting service and told me he needed a birthday cake for a VIP party of 16 sitting at 8pm. VIP was  a friend of the chef’s and apparently a contestant on Top Chef so I wasn’t allowed to use my ” in the freezer …

red velvet cake

Red Velvet Cake

A colleague of mine approached me to make a large 16” red velvet cake for his in-laws 50th wedding anniversary. I was well into 15hr work day when I snapped this photo, so it not the best but it will do.

blog 004

Mini Cupcakes

I did these cupcakes for a friend’s art gala debut ( She wanted them bright and vibrant for her theme. Generally I am very much against using food coloring to this degree but it was her birthday  and she asked nicely; and they turned out pretty (but I wouldn’t do it again, hehe)

25th birthday cake

My 25th Birthday Cake

So I was lying in bed one night and I had this idea to do a “guest-book” cake. Just covered in white fondant,  allowed to harden up a bit overnight and then get my friends to write birthday wishes all over it, I’ve never been a big on birthday cards anyway.  So I finally found …

Rimrock wedding cake

Wedding Cake: Molded Flowers

This last cake I’m posting is one of my favourites, I did it for a small wedding while working at Rimrock resort in Banff, Alberta. I had never tried to produce a cake like this before nor had I done molded flowers before, especially out of fondant but the pastry chef had left and no …