Shut Down

In the middle of a 13 day work week, and trying to get this site up and running but I still wanted to post even if its just quick. Shot of the station shut down before I put the lids back on… I’m obsessed with tight saran wrap, lol.

Gunniess Pre-dessert 2010

Guinness Pre-Dessert 2.0

Pitched the pre-dessert to chef last week and he said it needed a little something more so we brainstormed and decided to try apricot. So we still have the cashew praline, stout ice cream and Guinness Cheddar (now cut in a strip to better showcase the marbling). Now I’ve added a apricot foam and apricot …

Guinness Pre-dessert 002

The Wagyu Beef of Cheddar

Our company’s pastry chef Jenny got in this cheese for our other restaurant and I knew right away I wanted to use it. I came up with this today at work for the new pre-dessert, pretty simple play on beer and nuts. Going to pitch it to the executives (chef/pastry chef) tomorrow and hopefully be …


Pre-desserts of seasons past

There are so many things I want to post about and so little time. I’ve been recording my work for sometime now just so I can reflect upon it… Here are some shot of a couple old pre-desserts. Pre-desserts were the first works that I managed to get onto menus and I really felt like …

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Didn’t Make the Cut

Rhubarb+Bubblegum+Marshmallow+Menthol Here is a rhubarb dish I was working on the didn’t make it onto the menu. So we have compressed peeled rhubarb, bubblegum powder, menthol gel, rhubarb gel, vanilla gel and marshmallow espuma that I expelled into liquid nitrogen

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Bread Service

I’ve always always enjoyed making breads, I wouldn’t necessarily consider it my strongest skill when it comes to pastry but it brings me a lot of joy, especially right out of the oven… yummmm Here are some shots of the bread service from the restaurant. Above is our brioche. Its the first thing I got …

Mango Dessert 024


These two dishes have been on the menu since I started they are Jenny’s (our company pastry chef). They’re both pretty popular with customers and I enjoy playing around with plating them. Chocolate + Hazelnut + Huckleberry + Malted Milk Lemon + Lime Leaf + Grapefruit + Vanilla

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The Crew

Quick post!! We had a slightly later start to service today so we had a few minutes to relax… I grabbed this shot of the team during our outside time (we love our outside time) ENJOY!

Apple Dessert

Apple + Raz el Hanout + Black Garlic + Spice Cake

This was the apple dessert that we were running over the winter. This is the first a la carte dessert item I put on the menu (or any menu for that matter) This dish consists of confit apple, raz el hanout ice cream,and spice cake. The spice cake (or Christmas cake) I dehydrated in granola …

Rimrock wedding cake

Wedding Cake: Molded Flowers

This last cake I’m posting is one of my favourites, I did it for a small wedding while working at Rimrock resort in Banff, Alberta. I had never tried to produce a cake like this before nor had I done molded flowers before, especially out of fondant but the pastry chef had left and no …