Pomegranate Chocolate Basil  Lime dessert


I whipped up this dessert tonight on the fly when I found out, a half hour into service, that one of pastry cooks was coming in to dine with her Beau. Basil and lime chocolate pate, pomegranate gelato, seeds and coulis, flourless chocolate cake with lime syrup. One of our back servers helped me take …

pumpkin cake, smoked chocolate dessert

Pumpkin+Smoked Chocolate+Cranberries+Goat Cheese

This was my personal addition to our the fall/winter menu. Spiced pumpkin cake, port braised cranberries on a ganache of smoked Lindt  milk chocolate, served with a mild goat cheese gelato. Sorry its not the best picture I took it on my iphone and the kitchen has florescent lighting.

Mango Dessert 024


These two dishes have been on the menu since I started they are Jenny’s (our company pastry chef). They’re both pretty popular with customers and I enjoy playing around with plating them. Chocolate + Hazelnut + Huckleberry + Malted Milk Lemon + Lime Leaf + Grapefruit + Vanilla