Strawberry dessert

Strawberry + Elderflower + Cilantro

This is Jimmy… This week Jimmy introduced me to Elderflower, I had never tasted it before. The second it hit my pallet the ideas and inspiration started  flowing.  Strawberries are coming into season in Ontario!!! So we have a cilantro meringue that I dehydrated on acetate to give it a beautiful gloss;  strawberry sorbet, elderflower …


Rhubarb Picking

Over the long weekend I went home to visit my parents. My Mother and I went out to visit my Grandfather’s farm and took the chance to pick some end of season rhubarb!

Mango Dessert

Mango + Black Sesame + Coconut + Basil

This is the latest dessert I put on the menu. It is the dessert course on the tasting menu as well as an a la carte item. The servers make the mango sorbet table-side with liquid nitrogen. The dish consists of mango sorbet, black sesame microwave cake, coconut powder, thai basil, and chia seeds. Close …