unique engagment photo

Cake Fight!!

My soon to be hubby and myself wanted some original engagement photos… we aren’t really the type of people to sit in a park and stare into each others eyes so we did this instead…. Oh! I made the cake! (its done in our “wedding colours”)   Enjoy!   Photography by Will Fournier http://willfournierphotography.com   …

pastry chef business card front

Business Card

My wonderful better half designed and printed business cards for me for valentine’s day this year. I just wanted to share them with you, I’m working on incorporating the brand into the site. Front Back


Rhubarb Picking

Over the long weekend I went home to visit my parents. My Mother and I went out to visit my Grandfather’s farm and took the chance to pick some end of season rhubarb!


Shut Down

In the middle of a 13 day work week, and trying to get this site up and running but I still wanted to post even if its just quick. Shot of the station shut down before I put the lids back on… I’m obsessed with tight saran wrap, lol.

Upload, blog, cl, out ect 189

The Crew

Quick post!! We had a slightly later start to service today so we had a few minutes to relax… I grabbed this shot of the team during our outside time (we love our outside time) ENJOY!


Days Off!!!

I usually manage to get my Sundays off, the restaurant is open 7 days a week so its not always a guarantee. Today was beautiful outside so I grabbed a much needed pedicure then me and my hunnie went to check out a bakery I’ve been trying to get to for a couple months now; …

Champagne Toast

A Champagne Toast!!

Here’s to things to come!! The Genesis of She Bakes I’m just going to start out with some of my old work I think, I have a huge back-log of pictures. In between I’ll just be posting interesting articles and keeping you up on whatever I am doing or thinking about doing at work. Here …