peach sorbet, pre-dessert

Peachy pre-dessert

We had a chef friend of ours coming in for the evening to dine tonight so we put together a nice 10 course original tasting for him. This is what I served him for a pre-dessert. Its a roasted peach sorbet,  sitting on a small buttermilk biscuit and I finished it with some bee pollen. …

lemon intermezzo


We serve a tasting size of our lemon dish for our intermezzo. lemon curd, confit lemon zest, grapefruit segments, peach schnapps snowball

Gunniess Pre-dessert 2010

Guinness Pre-Dessert 2.0

Pitched the pre-dessert to chef last week and he said it needed a little something more so we brainstormed and decided to try apricot. So we still have the cashew praline, stout ice cream and Guinness Cheddar (now cut in a strip to better showcase the marbling). Now I’ve added a apricot foam and apricot …

Guinness Pre-dessert 002

The Wagyu Beef of Cheddar

Our company’s pastry chef Jenny got in this cheese for our other restaurant and I knew right away I wanted to use it. I came up with this today at work for the new pre-dessert, pretty simple play on beer and nuts. Going to pitch it to the executives (chef/pastry chef) tomorrow and hopefully be …


Pre-desserts of seasons past

There are so many things I want to post about and so little time. I’ve been recording my work for sometime now just so I can reflect upon it… Here are some shot of a couple old pre-desserts. Pre-desserts were the first works that I managed to get onto menus and I really felt like …