Apple + Raz el Hanout + Black Garlic + Spice Cake

Apple Dessert

This was the apple dessert that we were running over the winter. This is the first a la carte dessert item I put on the menu (or any menu for that matter)

This dish consists of confit apple, raz el hanout ice cream,and spice cake. The spice cake (or Christmas cake) I dehydrated in granola size clumps with thinly sliced black garlic and it sits inside the isomalt tube; the gels are huckleberry and vanilla.

2 Responses

  1. Rezzie says:

    that is so pretty looking?! i could almost eat it.
    hmm…but then i’d have to pay $37 dollars for it.
    but it would be worth it…but i can’t afford $37.

    such a hard decision. should i take a bite or not? not sure… maybe i need counseling? i love apples. and dehydrated spice cake. and huckleberry gel…

    Looks amazing, Jacquie!!


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