Strawberry + Elderflower + Cilantro

Strawberry dessert

This is Jimmy…

This week Jimmy introduced me to Elderflower, I had never tasted it before. The second it hit my pallet the ideas and inspiration started  flowing.  Strawberries are coming into season in Ontario!!!

So we have a cilantro meringue that I dehydrated on acetate to give it a beautiful gloss;  strawberry sorbet, elderflower and white chocolate namelaka, shortcake, elderflower gel and compressed strawberries (that after tasting we decided I would slice for the menu as the whole ones were too awkward to eat)

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  2. ron says:

    dish looks great. how do you like the namelaka? i had to force myself to stop using it and move on to something else for awhile. looks like you found a great use for it.

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